About the Information Services (I.T.) Department

I.T. Trouble Tickets

We use the Spiceworks Ticketing System for I.T. related issues and requests.  This included requests for projectors, screens and other event setups.  

The link for Spiceworks is https://lfboe.on.spiceworks.com/portal.  You use your user name and network password to logon to the system.  


Staff Tech Refresher


System Status, Alerts, Planned Maintenance/Downtimes

There is currently no LOCAL planned system maintenance..

WELCOME to the Little Ferry Public Schools I.T. Department page. We're pleased that you took the time to visit us. Information Services is committed to using current technologies to support the Little Ferry Public Schools district-wide goal to educate our students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens. Technology can break down barriers. It allows students to learn anytime, anywhere in or out of school. Our department's goal is to provide fast, reliable, and courteous service in dealing with day to day issues in the district.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for our students and teaching environment for staff members using our combined 30 plus years of experience in the Information Services field. We strive to provide the assistance, support and training for our staff that will enable them to utilize available hardware and software to create a comprehensive learning experience for all of our students. When our students leave our school system we want them to be comfortable and proficient in the use of technology and have the skills to transition to and through high school.

Another important function of the LFPS I.T. Department is the promotion of safe and productive use of technology resources. We utilize web filtering and real time monitoring to insure that students are not exposed to inappropriate local or Internet content. Our filters are set up to be protective without being overly restrictive. Should a staff member find that a site is blocked, they can request that it be reviewed and unblocked if deemed suitable for student use. All students are required to sign and adhere to the provisions of a District Acceptable Use Policy.

As part of a shared services arrangement with the Borough of Little Ferry we assist in the maintenance of the Administrative, Library and Police Department technology assets.

Meet the staff...

Mark Horst - Technology Supervisor
201-641-6192 Option 8
Memorial School Technology Office

Over 30 years of Information Services experience in both the Private and Educational sectors. Extensive programming and project management background in customer facing systems and database applications as well as purchasing and budgeting experience. Worked part-time for the Little Ferry Public Schools for over 17 years and have been full-time with the District since 2010.

Arthur Rosenberger - Network Technician
201-641-6192 Option 8
Memorial School Technology Office